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By on February 19, 2013

whatsappWhatsapp; a rather recent development in the world of communication has managed to gain more popularity than the phone itself! In a country like Pakistan, where cellular services can be barred at any moment, Whatsapp is what connects one with his family, friends and colleagues. Whatsapp is a very convenient forum through which an individual can share pictures and have access to free instant messaging provided the individual has an intern etc connection.

What’s up with whatsapp !

Whatsapp is one of the latest application and it has managed to become the source of life for some individuals who ca no longer imagine life without this miraculous invention. However, all good things come with negative aspects. In the not so distant past, something started happening to Whatsapp. What was it that caused hundreds of people to face issues at a time when they needed this service the most? Read on…

Whatsapp New version upgrade

A few weeks ago, I started receiving notifications from Whatsapp that I needed to upgrade to a newer version of Whatsapp. Not being a technology oriented person, I paid no heed until Whatsapp got barred. Once that happened, I tried downloading the new version; however, it wasn’t compatible with my old iPhone’s software.

Whatsapp with iPhone 4 iOS 6.0

I had to upgrade to a software that my phone wouldn’t support.  I was done with Whatsapp. However, this issue did not only happen with me. A friend who has an Apple iPhone 4 with iOS 6.0 also faced the same trouble. In my friend’s case, the software had to be upgraded to ios 6.0.1 despite the fact that my friend didn’t want to.

Upon research, it was revealed that this wasn’t only something my friend and I suffered from; it was something a very large number of people actually faced. In fact, on the official apple forums, it was reported that Whatsapp had certain glitches while running with ios 6.0

Whatever the reasons may be, the sudden loss of Whatsapp was no less than a heart attack for many people. Whatsapp is now back in use by almost everyone who lost it as they upgraded their soft wares accordingly.

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