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By on November 24, 2012

News update from virginia tech

An updated news virginia tech reported from BLACKSBURG, Virginia about the Tech team of Men’s Basketball program reached 5-0 until the new season, The President was Mr. Ronald Reagan, and the gas price went to $1.10 per gallon.

Hokies took nearly 30 years to win straight five games once again.

Mr. James Johnson the first year coach of Virginia Tech said that rather patting my back and appreciating me it was actually a great effort done by the kids and a tribute should be given to them. i have been training them since a long time and finally they showed what potential they possessed  they really performed well on what i have been thinking for a long time. there intense handwork finally gained them victory.

news virginia tech

Its an astonishing news that all over the country the low level teams are badly beating the high level teams, the other teams which follow handwork and are on the full level of practice are chasing victory.

I am blessed by god that i am coaching this team, 5-0 is a great achievement for all of us.


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