Top Three iPhone 5 Apps you must use

By on March 3, 2017

The launch of Apple iPhone 5 is successfully done in the past year and most of you guys already taste and enjoy Apple’s new iPhone 5 unique and high class features but today am going to revealed some of Apple’s iPhone 5 hidden features. As we all know the Apple’s App store is one of the largest network of mobile apps and apps developers always try to introduced new features and take advantages Apple technologies.

iMovie – Most Used Apple iPhone 5 Application

iMovie for iPhone 5Apple iPhone 5 has the better and Big display and iTunes apps always look stunning on its big screen. Specially when you try iMovie app you can shoot upto 1080p stunning HD movies from your iPhone 5.

iMovie is specially designed for Multi-touch and it is really a master piece itself. iMovie is really a fast movie making iTunes app and you can share your surroundings with your friends every wasily.

iTunes realeased iMovie v1.4.1 and now it is more stable and reliable for sending photos.

iPhoto – Capture your Surroundings

iPhoto is another most downloaded iPhone app. When you have iPhoto app installed in your iPhone you can capture, viewing, editing and sharing photos at your finger tips. You can customize and compare your photos with its stunning Multi-touch.

You can create a professional journals and photo albums and share it with your family with a fully feature image editor.

iPhoto for iPhone 5iPhoto comes with Multi-Touch editing function and its used is very simple and you don’t need any tutorial to learn how to use iPhoto. iPhoto comes with at least 20 different beautiful photo effects to make your photos more stunning. The more is iPhoto has a Photo journal feature to create a photo albums and photo galleries to make your own picture story.

Share your customize photos with your friends and family via iPhoto to share it with different social networks like facebook, twitter, flicker and many other with just single tap and More over you can add a more spice up the moment if you have a HDTV.

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 iBooks – The iPhone Library

iBooks for iPhone 5iBooks is another beautiful app that comes with many latest features. You can download the iBooks from Apple’s App store. iBooks fills your iPhone with tons of different books and you easily turn your iPhone into book library within a minutes. This app is completely Multi-Touch and reading your favorite books with this free app is completely a fun.

The more is you can highlighted, bookmark and save the pages or paragraphs of your choice. Also you can underline the notes and share with your social media friends with iBooks. The bookmark features will always help you whenever and whenever you want to read your favorite topics.


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