List of Best Five iPhone media Player

By on December 28, 2017

The iPhone stood out from the crowd initially not only because of its enhanced Smartphone features and technology but also because of a very crucial factor; the amalgamation of an iPod with a Smartphone.

The iPhone gave the public exactly what they were looking for; a device where they could keep their media safe and where the media quality provided would not be compromised on.

With the passage of time and all sorts of new features being incorporated in Smartphones, the iPhone too has diversified its applications and now, a number of different apps can be downloaded by iPhone users to facilitate their needs.

Some very popular apps are those of media players. I will discuss some of the most popular media players for iPhone in this post.


VLC Media Player for iPhone

Like this media player has made its mark in the world of personal computers and android phones, its iOS version is equally popular amongst iPhone users. This app is extremely easy to use, comes with a number of features and supports almost everything you will ever download from the internet. iPhone users particularly benefit from it as they don’t have to go through the lengthy procedure of converting the format of their media files.


Player Xtreme HD

This is a player that has been gaining much popularity. It supports multiple formats, can allow for files to be downloaded directly to your app, boosts up the volume and among many other benefits, has a password to protect your library. Furthermore, since it Player xTreme HD you a multiple folder interface, you really won’t miss your desktop!


top media player list fot iPhone


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Oplayer Lite for iOS

This is an excellent app that you can use for your iphone. You see, it allows you to easily stream your videos, upload and download files and even watch videos in the lock screen mode!


Goodplayer for iPhone mobiles

Like its name, this player is really a good player that supports multiple formats, allows you to use the TV and HDMI options and a number of different features.


Air Playit

This app supports over 350 formats and enhances the sound quality so that you never have to worry about the sound quality of your media anymore. An excellent app for iPhone users indeed.

These few players are some of the best options that iPhone users can choose from.


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