Best five Android Media Players for Smartphones

By on August 28, 2017

Today’s tech savvy world is based heavily on one aspect that unites everyone even with all their differences; media. You see, media is the common thing that probably links teenagers in underdeveloped countries with those in developed countries. It is media that makes everything available instantly all over the world.

Now my idea of a good player is something that is user friendly, something that does not involve too many complicated procedures, an app that does not require me to connect to or import data from other Android apps and something that is not too heavy for my device. Keeping in mind all these definitions and more, I present to you the five best android media players.

VLC player for android devices:

VLC media player for Android

Almost all of us have heard of and most of us have actually used the VLC player. This media player has been my favorite player on the PC and things just got better when this app became available for android devices. My reasons for it are very basic; it is very easy to use, supports a large range of formats and is free. Furthermore, this app works equally well on single core devices as it does on dual core devices. Your phone will not heat up while using this app and that is what I love about it the most.

Real player for Android Smartphones :

This is also a name not unheard of by computer users. Along with being easy to use, it gives one access to online video search, voice commands and optimized graphics for high resolution devices.

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MX Player for Android :

This is yet another very interesting and easy to use media player which has amazing features including the option to scroll faster or slower through subtitles. MX Player is one of the most downloaded media player from Google Play Store and the only disadvantage of this player is the fact that it performs better on dual core devices than it does on single core devices.

Mx player for Android


VPlayer –  Android Media Players :

This is not a very famous  Android Media Player, however, it does support hardware acceleration and a number of other features that will ensure that your media playing needs are well satisfied.

MyColud Player:

This app is perfect to play media via soundcloud. You can search through genres, playlists and stations created by users. This is yet another interesting app for smartphones. With the sharp rise in Smartphone usage, the demand for good media players compatible with these devices has also significantly increased.

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