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By on September 3, 2017

It is said that phones became smart after the iphone hit the market. The iPhone is perhaps one of the most desired devices in the world of Smartphones. This breakthrough in technology has taken mobile communication to a whole new level.

The number of apps available on the iPhone increases day by day and developers focus on making better apps for the device. However, with the increase in the number of apps that are available for downloading, the chances of accidentally becoming the victim of a virus also increase significantly.

Today, I will be discussing the top five apps that can help you protect your iPhone from viruses and malwares and download apps freely without the fear of downloading a virus.

McAfee antivirus for iPhone :

This software is a truly amazing software that will provide maximum protection to your iphone. It can detect threats to the phone immediately including detecting viruses, Trojans as well as other threats. It also provides a very useful backup facility for your data. Infected data online will also be scanned by this app so that you don’t have to worry about getting affected by such malware while browsing.


Antivirus detective:

This app is perfect for iPhone users who are worried about surfing the internet with safety. As mentioned earlier, the internet is full of malware and infected software that can seriously damage your iPhone. However, this app has the capability to detect and block any such malware or programs very easily and effectively.

Norton Antivirus for iPhone :

norton Antivirus for iphoneThis app will not only help you surf the internet safely and block any apps that are infected but will also give you access to your phone even if your phone gets stolen. Norton Antivirus for iPhone provides online data storage facility for you so that all the data on your phone remains within your reach at all times.

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Virus barrier :

This app, provided by apple’s security leader helps you prevent any harmful programs from entering your iPhone or iPad. With this device installed, your phone can be perfectly secure at all times.

Lookout mobile security :

This application not only detects viruses but also has the ability to remove viruses from your device. Furthermore, you can access your phone if your phone gets stolen.

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