Top 5 Games for Android Smartphones 2016

By on November 21, 2016

Android smart phones have always been wonders for Games. There are certain devices which have cache android gaming experience to the next level such as Nexus series, Samsung galaxy S3, HTC one x etc. here are the list of top 5 android games.


Temple Run 2 By Imangi Studios

The successor of the Previously Most downloaded and played game in the android/IOS markets Temple Run .It all about jack stealing the IDOL and the monsters chasing him. Travelling distances generates the points. Collecting gold and unlocking the characters and increasing abilities.

Subway Surfer – Arcade Game

Subway SufferSubway surfer is another Epic game to play when you are bored waiting for a train, catching a flight or when you are on your restroom .Subway surfer is where the character Dash and Dodge the trains and collect coins to earn points use the power ups to buy skateboards and other characters. The game gets fun when you can understand the logic and have some tips to overcome the challenge.

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Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

Most WantedNow here comes the action packed games for the racing freaks out there. Electronic Arts introduces an android and IOS version of the most Played PC/PS2 Game NFS most wanted. Need for Speed Most Wanted was also the most playing game in PC level and not it acquires the rank in Android platform. It involves downloading of 500+ MB of data before playing the game so be sure you play it with good 3G or WIFI for Better speed. It also requires around 2000 MB free on your SD Card.

Angry Birds – Best ever Game

Angry BirdsAnother Reason to say Android games is leading the game. It is noticed that 3/5 every android device is filled with this Wonderful Game. It comes out in some different version which is free and paid. Passing the levels where the angry birds destroys the Pigs leading to the retrieval of the eggs .It has also the star wars HD version which is a paid one seems to pretty good. Do check out the various versions on the Google play market.

Asphalt 7 – The Heat:

Asphalt 7 is another racing Game which covers some good graphics .It has race tracks around set in real cities around the world .Challenge a lot of rivals on the Dirty Race. It has also a very good graphics which makes the playing time more interesting.

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