Top 3 gadgets of 2012

By on December 12, 2012

Today we present the list of top 3 gadgets of 2012, no doubt 2012 is the year of technology with touch screen, multimedia and specially in tablet PC. When we decided to select top gadgets of 2012 we really found it difficult because there are lots of gadgets and application introduced and all of these have there own great specs. Popular tech manufactures and gadgets introductions tries to make there product with more and more efficiency and this year as you know called the Android year, android market was gonna be rock in 2012.

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List of Top 3 gadgets of 2012

1. iPad mini by Apple

iPad mini top 3 gadgets of 2012As you all know Apple is one of the best digital manufacture over the world and its gadgets always ranked in top 3 gadgets of 2012, one of the best gadget from Apple in 2012 was iPad mini. Apple introduced a stylish design, affordable price with great functionality. iPad mini has 7.9 inch display screen with extra high quality display. It smaller and creative design contains A5 dual core chip processor with  1080p display quality. iPad mini is in the list of top 3 gadgets of 2012 and it has 1.2 mega pixel camera and it has alomost 275000 apps for its users.

2. Acer Aspire s7 with Windows 8

Acer aspire s7 iPad mini top 3 gadgets of 2012Microsoft introduced the Acer Aspire s7 with touchable Microsoft interface in Window 8 functionality. Currently Acer Aspire s7 is available in two size with 11″ and 13″ models. Its 11″ inch model has Core i5 and 13″ inch model contain Core i7 processor. This gadget of Microsoft has very elegant design at it is only 3 pound in weight. Acer Aspire s7 has touchable IPS technology that can be activated with Window 8 interface.

3.Nintendo Wii U by Nintendo

nintendo wii u top 3 gadgets of 2012Nintendo Wii u has placed in the last gadget on our top 3 gadgets of 2012. It is fully covered with high definition video interface with great online player system. It brings the revolutionary change in the field of high quality games for solo and multi level players. Nintendo Wii U comes with 6.2 inch touchable high definition screen.

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