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By on February 14, 2018

Sell My Phone, the name itself reveals what the company stands for and how strongly do they believe in it. As time is moving on and the days are progressing, technology is also moving along and with the invention of smartphones.

Well, what can we say the need to buy the best as soon as its out is a desire only a few can resist. So the company stands for all those poor homeless phones which are not needed by you anymore.

You can see them lying around gathering dust or being a spare part factory for your new phones. Here step ins SellMyPhone and they buy most of the phones, tablets available for you to sell and recycle them into usable products.

Sell My Phone

The process to sell you phone here at Sell My Phone is fairly simple, all you have to do is ship in your phone and as soon as the phone is received the payment will be made for you. Unlike most places available both online and a physical location the price offered here at Sell My Phone is amazing. The key to success for Sell My Phone is simple.

Competitive Pricing:

After a careful survey of the market we came across our competition and realizes that people were actually looking for the best possible deals they could get online. So, we sat together got our heads working and made the deals you can never reject., They are the best that are available out there an our customers have been nothing less than happy.


We told you that once we get the phone we make the payment after that but did you know that the moment the device is with us we make the payment that exact same day. We have both Paypal and Bank Transfer available and we make sure that you receive the payment on that particular day,

Guarantee Confirmed:

We all do tell you that we confirm 100% guarantee and that you would be happy but mostly the customers end up being disappointed. Again we went a step ahead and said alright, if we do not serve the desired mark we will give you your device back in your hands and we do make sure that you get the full payment on time. That’s how we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

We are available for you through our FAQ section and our contact page at any given time, all you have to do is pick up the phone or send us an email and we will be happy to make sure all your queries get answered immediately. Sell My Phone is one stop place for your tablets and phones to get a good price for you before they get old and un usable.

We love the work we do and are glad that we are one of a kind in the market and started off with something that is beneficial for us but also for the millions of phone and tablet consumers out there that need cash for phones.


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