The secrets about Hike has been revealed

By on February 20, 2014

Lets talk about hike, like Whatsapp has dominated the messenger market for quite some time, however, with the recent glitches present within it, combined by the amazing package of this new messenger that we are going to review, it seeps like there might be a perfect substitute to Whatsapp in the not so distant future.

Ladies ad gentlemen, we bring to you the latest development in the world of messaging applications; Hike. Designed and developed in India, this app is a lot like Whatsapp with a few added benefits. This article will tell you the basic information that you are going to need about this new application.

Whats news in hike !

hikehikeHike allows instant messaging as well as SMS options to its users all over the world. The biggest advantage that this application has is the fact that it continues to work even if some people do not have access to internet on their cellular devices thus making it very popular among many people who simply cannot be connected to the internet at all times.

This app connects people through three different platforms. There is Hike to Hike messaging, along with Hike to non Hike Smartphones which is only available to users in India at the moment. The third method is to send messages to non Hike users all over the world via SMS.

hike – The communication app

Hike is a very interesting way for people to communicate with one another in today’s world where everyone is in constant need of being in touch with one another. This application has gained a lot of popularity and is the top app on Google’s play store. It is very easy to register on this app. On ios, it sends individuals a six digit code while on android there is no need for any code. This app is the solution to the problems that were being faced by Whatsapp users. We strongly recommend our readers to check out this application.

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