The new Launched Sony Xperia Z

By on June 9, 2016

It seems like in the hype about Apple, Samsung and HTC, we have left behind a company which has been making quality Smartphones for a while now. The company’s products may be no iPhones or galaxy Smartphones, however, loyal fans of the company have stuck to it for quite some time.

This is evident by the fact that it has launched yet another Smartphone. Sony may not be the leader in the Smartphone industry, however, it definitely has something to offer to the industry as a whole. Sony’s Xperia series have been quite popular among loyal Sony Smartphone fans and Sony has launched the latest Sony Xperia Z in the Indian market during the first week of March.

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The Sony Xperia Z comes with a brilliant 5 inch High Definition display and it is the second phone after the HTC butterfly to have a full HD display. It comes with a pixel density of 441pi and so the display of the phone seems to be pretty good. The screen is bright and the icons appear sharp.

Outstanding Camera Features of Sony Xperia Z

Images are further enhanced because Sony has added Sony’s BRAVIA engine 2. However, the screen is quite reflective and the phone’s display is only clearly visible if the brightness is increased under the sun. Apart from that, the phone manages to do great in terms of display.

Sony Xperia ZThe phone has subtle sounded edges and is rectangular in shape. The screen is what dominates the front of the phone at 5 inches. The phone doesn’t have separate capacitive buttons and has on screen buttons instead. The back of the phone is somewhat similar to that of the iPhone 4S. Another interesting part is the fact that the phone is water resistant and all its ports are covered with a fiber glass like material in order to prevent water from going inside them.

Sony Xperia Z – Plastic Sim card Inside

Sony Xperia ZThe phone has a plastic sim card tray which needs to be pulled with one’s fingernail in order to insert the sim into the phone. The phone ahs a circular aluminum power and screen lock button along with the volume rocker on its right side while the Micro SD slot and the Micro USB port can be found on the left side.The phone uses the android Jelly bean software; however, this is not the latest version of the software. The company does promise that an upgrade will be available very soon.

Overall, this dust and water resistant phone which offers a number of awesome features is something that will probably do well in the markets that it will be released in.

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