Sony’s latest development – The Play Station 4

By on May 21, 2014

sony-playstation-4Back in the days when we were young, the greatest innovation in the world of the video games was the Sony Play Station. The latest development in the world of video games is the announcement of the Sony Play Station 4 which Sony Corp promises to release in the holiday season of 2013. At our past, it felt as if nothing could be bigger and better than the awesome device that the Sony Corporation’s Play Station. However, Sony kept raising its benchmark at every possible point. Ever since the release of the Sony Play Station, the standard for video games has been constantly increasing.


Whats inside in Sony Play Station 4

The Sony Corporation has yet again created a bigger, better sensation than ever before. The Play Station 4 has 8 GB of memory with 1.84 Triceratops of processing power that can be used for stimulation activities along with the graphics.

The head of Sony’s Play Station division, Andrew Head said, ‘the consumer is changing us’. The Play Station 4 is a device which will compete strongly with the prevailing technologies in the market that allow people to play games.

The new hardware will not allow the games designed for the Play Station to be played on older versions of the Play Station, however, the company plans on designing the Play Station 4 in a manner that the games designed for Play Station 3 can be used in the Play Station 4.

Sony Proudly announced Play Station 4

The company’s most proud announced this Gadget and achievements in the Play Station 4 include the newly designed controller, the Dual chock 4 which will have reduced latency, a touch pad  a headphone jack, enhanced rumble and a share button which will allow players to take screenshots and share them instantly.

The Play Station 4 will allow its players to start playing a game right after a small part of it has been downloaded instead of making them wait for the whole game to download.

The Play Station 4 is an amazing invention and will definitely create waves in the video games industry.

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