Skype for Android devices merge with Microsoft accounts

By on November 21, 2012

We received an updates about Skype for Android devices that they allow their users to merged their Skype for Android devices accounts with Microsoft accounts. This facility has been provided by Skype and they also claim in their updates that they have improved the audio quality as well as line connection more stronger and more clear then ever before.

Features for Skype Android Users 

Skype for Android

The design is unique for both tablet and Google Play app and the change log is now available at Google Play store market. Many bugs are now been fixed by professional team to make this app friendly for user side and experience. Skype is no doubt one of the best user friendly app as it shorten the distance and you can easily transfer you contacts, pictures, videos and share your ideas on Skype groups. Moreover Skype has very low rate for their premium service and you can call and Sms your love ones on land line and mobile with ease.

As Skype has now upgraded to its latest version 6.0, this version brings and opportunity for users to integrate their Microsoft and Facebook account for signing process without any trouble or privacy lost. Latest Skype for Android device user have a choice to instant messaging with MSN Live messenger, Hotmail and outlook contacts via Skype and they can easily avail this service by log in with their Microsoft account or via Facebook. The best feature is that it has the ability to run in background as an active app and you don’t need to sign-in again and again. Once you signing with your Skype name, Microsoft account or with Facebook your data has been successfully saved and your account will remain active till you log out by yourself.

In October 2012. after the released of Skype version 6.0 , Skype makes an offer to call worldwide free of cost for one month and this offer had been ended on November 15 2012.

Skype for Android device  App is now available and you can download free from Google Play Store

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