Samsung Galaxy s4 coming soon in market

By on November 25, 2012

Lets talk about upcoming Samsung Galaxy s4 the rumors already begins about Samsung Galaxy s4 that it will also make an history in Samsung mobile as well as Android world. Andriod is now five years old and day by day its users has been increases because of its latest apps, extra ordinary favorite features, day by day latest addition and numbers of OS versions including ice cream sandwich and now jelly bean 4.2.

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Samsung Galaxy s4Samsung Galaxy S4 will also comes with Android version after the major success of Galaxy s3 by Samsung manufacturer. Now a days smartphones are most favorable mobile devices for individuals or teenagers because of its big screen, smart latest technology and extra high video quality. Customers before buying smartphones firstly see  manufacture reputation specially th
eir most latest cell phones. The Samsung latest model was Galaxy s3 and from apple its iPhone 5 launched in previous month that hurt alot to its users. Lots of bugs and issues comes front from Apple iPhone 5 users and complaint grows day by day.

Samsung Galaxy s4 Launching date :

There is also a news that Samsung Galaxy s4 will be launch on February 25 , 2013 or in March 2012. So the waiting time is no more than 3 months and we all surely waiting for this product. The fight between Samsung and Apples was took last from this year and hope the next years will begins with Samsung progress session.

There are no specs or pictures out till yet for Galaxy S4 but we hope that will be the first to announced the specs. So stay tuned !

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