Using professional software vs open source software in your call centers

By on January 25, 2018

Imagine implementing a call center software package that provides busy contact center managers with deeper insight, more control and provides you an eagle-eye view into your daily operations.

Whether you’re wanting a pure cloud infrastructure or a hosted contact center solution, cloud-based operations deliver great customer experiences in a secure, flexible and highly scalable manner that’s forward thinking.  Now, if you only had more knowledge of software platforms which run your switchboard…

Advantages of using open source or professional software are easy to spot, so making an educated choice on which would increase ROI and substantiate an investment really boils down to personal choice.  Let’s break down both software types:

Open source software for call centers

Effectively operating a call center is a challenging prospect that, without some form of lead management and call tracking, could turn out nightmarish at best. Today, cloud based call center managers favoring CentOS platform opt for open source because the benefits are nearly immediately realized.

With USA, UK and Canada call compliance built-in along with VoIP trunks and standard Telco lines already included in many software packages, fretting over Do Not Call lists becomes a forethought.

professional software vs open source software

Many of today’s open source software is GPL licensed, meaning there’s zero licensing fees involved and updates alerts are provided at no additional cost.  Because of its elasticity, software based off GPL licensure is far more cost effective – and bug report friendly – than professionally licensed software.

Professional software packages

Software packages designed for high volume call centers use similar open source databases that GPL software will tap into.  Essentially, when you opt for more professional software solutions, the only increase you’ll notice is where the price tag is situated.

You may find hosted call center software more suitable for your business, or would prefer installing suites on your own servers.  Either way, the results are indeed satisfactory enough to operate your call center.

Don’t mistake my pragmatism for facts – professional software does have its perks.  The kinks are ironed out well before mass CD production and packaging begins, whereas GPL licensed software often has kinks that need ironed out by outside programmers.

 However, when updates are necessary, it’s important to distinguish early on whether those updates are free in professional software suites (as they are on GPL open source platforms).

Consider this

For many, the words cloud based will mean little, if not anything. For a small to medium enterprise attempting to streamline their call center, the concept of cloud hosted software can be nothing short of revolutionary. From saving space to saving money, there are many reasons why companies are ditching the physical for the secure infrastructure that clouds provide.

There is a strong level of flexibility when it comes to open source software, and no matter what you do or how many people are in your call center, you will find that both software platforms help agents reach out to contacts with the greatest of ease.

Whether you’re building an around-the-clock call center from the ground up, add new innovations or capacities to your existing call center or would prefer migrating to a cloud-based call center, deciding on the right software should be your first executive decision.

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