How to prevent iPad from auto syncing with iTunes

By on December 3, 2012

prevent iPad from auto syncing with iTunesNow prevent iPad from auto syncing with iTunes very easily and simply. We bring an excellent and genuine method to unsyncing your mini iPad with iTunes. Actually when you try to connect with iTunes with another computer and laptop that not previously is used by your iTune application, then the iTunes app will wipe all the data like music, photos, goddies and your downloded favorite apps that had been synchronized with your previous computer or laptop.

Prevent iPad from auto syncing with iTunes

  • First of all open your iTunes application ad then click menu ( for mac users ) or Edit ( for computer users on a PC) and then select Preferences option.
  • Now go to Devices tab
  • Click on box marked Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically and checked the Box and click Ok.

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This is all Done :). Now whenever you connect your iPad with any computer or laptop, it will not auto sync with iTunes and every time you have to select this options while you are using a new computer or laptop. You data like music, apps, goddies, games and different types of stuffs are now saved and iTunes never wipe out your stuff.

In additional to prevent iPad from auto syncing with iTunes, if you want to syncing some data like music, then you saw many box of apps, music, goddies, movies, TV shows then chose the desired option you want synchronize.


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