Nokia 808 PureView – the last Symbian phone

By on March 21, 2014

Nokia has finally marked the end of a generation of Symbian mobile phones by declaring the Nokia 808 PureView the last Symbian mobile phone to be made. Symbian technology was once a very popular technology, however, with the advent of Smartphones, anything less than that became unacceptable and ‘slow’ in terms of technology.

In the fast paced growth of Smartphones, the market for Symbian phones has almost ceased to exist. However, technology geniuses like Nokia can even make old technology attractive as they made the Nokia 808 PureView a very desirable phone. For more details about this amazing, last Symbian cell phone, read on!

What inside in Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView runs on the operating system Belle and comes with a number of built in facilities such as Microsoft office, adobe reader, Facebook, twitter etc. however, the browsing experience on this phone cannot be compared to the browsing experience on phones that compete with it.

The phone has a four inch display but critics feel that the phone would’ve been a better device if the pixels in the display were more than they actually are. The phone is around 17.95 mm thick which means it is much thicker than the latest phones that are coming up these days.

Amazing camera in this last Nokia Symbian Phone

All of this then leaves one thinking about where the phone generates its sales from. The point is very clear. The phone has an amazing 41 megapixel camera which can take pictures that leave people shocked.  This Smart phone has a camera with software that allow amazing options before and after taking a picture. Its high resolution camera means that pictures taken with this phone result in better, much sharper, close to reality images. This phone’s main strength lies in its camera.

With the Symbian generation coming to an end, one starts wondering when the generation of Smartphones will end and give birth to yet another generation of cell phone technology. For the latest stuff on technology, keep reading!

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