How MIT Creates New Motion Visualising Software

By on February 20, 2018

Developments in the world of technology truly leave one amazed, especially when these developments are associated to the field of medicine. Man has progressed from days when there was no such thing as anesthesia that could be used on patients who needed surgery to a modern time when a person can be brought back from the depths of death.

The ability of human beings to monitor the human body has increased significantly owing to technological advancement. This means that now there are several methods in which the human body’s every action can be monitored with precision. However, there is always room for further development as human beings constantly look for better solutions. This drive to find something better has once again led to scientists at MIT inventing yet another remarkable technology.

Scientists at MIT have developed a spectacular software that actually enables an individual to monitor movements that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. The applications of this software extend far beyond just medical use however, the medicine industry will greatly benefit from it.

The software records movements such as the flow of blood in the human body. By analyzing the rate of this flow, doctors can precisely tell the heart rate of an individual. Moreover, it can record the minutest movement of the eyes and the muscles that control these movements. This means that authorities can use this as a lie detection device while carrying out interrogation.

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