Latest WordPress 3.5 Bugs and their Solutions

By on December 13, 2012

Bugs in wordpress 3.5 release

wordpress 3.5 bugsWordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS (Content Management System) which is being upgraded by them wordpress developers from time to time that include bug fixes, user interface improvements, security updates and addition of new functionality.

Recently wordpress 3.5 has been released, according to some user experience about wordpress 3.5, there are many bugs which need to be fixed in order to make wordpress 3.5 CMS perfect in terms of functionality.

Bugs in wordpress 3.5

1) WordPress 3.5 title Bug

The very first wordpress 3.5 bug is about the title of the image. In the backend of a wordpress site when an admin adds a new post or a page and within the editor an image is added, given the title and description and the post it saved, the title does not seem to be saved. When the title is double checked for the particular image, the title field is missing while we had set it a moment back.

This wordpress 3.5 image title bug has been reported to be an issue since the latest release of wordpress 3.5.

Solution for wordpress 3.5 title bug

The easiest solution for this bug is that one should upload an image into the visual text editor  and once its done, insert the image and then click the inserted image , click on edit image box that appears on the top left of the image and enter the suitable title for the image respectively.

Second solution for the wordpress 3.5 image title bug is that the image should be uploaded and once its done, click on the HTML Text editor for wordpress post or a page that is being created and find the HTML code for the inserted image and simply add the following attribute:

title=”Title of the Inserted Image”

These are the two simple bug fixes for wordpress 3.5, hopefully wordpress developers would fix them within the wordpress core code.

2) WordPress 3.5 Insert Image button Bug

The second bug that has been experienced by the wordpress administrators are that when an image is uploaded while creating a new post or a page, the Insert Image button does not seem to be functional at times.

Solution for wordpress 3.5 insert image button bug

Al tough it seems a bit odd that wordpress developers had not tested wordpress 3.5 version before it’s release , but yet they are not the ones to be blamed as wordpress is a free content management system and it’s community is the biggest because its users help each other out in solving problems raised within wordpress and bugs being reported. Hence the temporary solution is that when the button seems not be working, one should try it out several times and hopefully the image will be posted in a few tries.

3) WordPress 3.5 Preview Button Bug

Like other wordpress 3.5 bugs,  wordpress post and page preview button seems to be annoying many wordpress administrators as it seems not be be functional at all. It is very necessary to view a post or a page before it is published. WordPress 3.5 preview bug seems to be the most biggest bug of all.

Solution for wordpress 3.5 preview button bug

WordPress 3.5 bug is one of the most disgusting bug of all because of a necessity of viewing , confirming and going through the post or a page to be published being viewed in a live preview mode, therefore this bug needs an immediate fix. There seems to be some bug within the wordpress core programming so quick fixes for these bugs are not guaranteed.

Conclusion for WordPress 3.5 bugs

WordPress 3.5 bugs need attention and permanent fixture in order keep wordpress the top most CMS of all. All we can do is wait for the next release of wordpress version and hope for it with all the bugs removed.

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