Latest Windows Phone 8 Apollo Plus with VPN features

By on November 27, 2012

The latest Windows Phone 8 Apollo Plus will be hopefully launched in February 2013. The manufacturer of this Windows Phone 8  is Nokia and it will come with very latest and unique features and excellent design. There are also a rumors that Microsoft Windows Phone 8 mobiles will got a good response from its users in the coming year and according to the Verge.

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Features in Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 One of the best feature of Windows Phone 8 in Apollo Plus is that it has a Virtual Private network ( VPN ) supported that will allow you to connect easily your private work or college networks via Internet and this feature is most likely in business or in industrial usage.

Windows Phone 8 Apollo Plus users want that this time they don’t want any bugs  and also they never dont to connect their device plug into PC in order to install applications, they just want all features online. Apollo Plus users want a comfortable and excellent WiFi connection with best audio sound quality and friendly user smartphone.

However we this is not last and we bring more and more updates about Latest Windows Phone 8 Apollo Plus in coming days.

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