Kindle app glitch in iOS – Amazon warns users not to upgrade

By on September 8, 2015

Apple users use Kindle app and  in particular, have had this privilege without any issues owing to the fact that the phones have good internal memories and the phones support various applications that allow users to access and download eBooks from the internet.

In the modern world, where the internet gives an individual access to almost everything in the world, the world of literature and education is also on click away thanks to all the latest technology. In fact, it is actually less than a click away, it is more like a tap of one’s finger away from an individual. Apple Kindle app and eBooks are the new way through which individuals can access numerous books online. This gives the individual the liberty to actually carry around his or her library wherever they go.

Kindle app for Apple Users by Amazon

This article covers one of the most important applications that allow apple users to access eBooks. Kindle app is owned ad controlled by the retail giant Amazon. The app name is Kindle.  As technology advances, these apps require constant updates in order to allow users to get the best possible experience. However, recently, Amazon actually warned its Apple iOS users not to upgrade the kindle app.

Kindly app Goes Wrong – Warning from Amazon

Kindle AppAccording to reports from highly disappointed Kindle app users and the company itself, there appeared to be a glitch within the new upgrade. After upgrading, these users got logged out of their accounts and lost all their downloads and bookmarks completely! In order to get everything back, users had to download everything from the app again.

Amazon says that it has bee working on fixing the problem and has actually found a solution which will be released very soon. However, it warns its users to refrain from upgrading to the existing upgrade as it results in them losing everything in their library. This is an example of how things can go terribly wrong even by the smallest mistake in the world of technology.

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