How to Integrate Firefox and Facebook Messenger

By on November 24, 2012

Firefox and Facebook Messenger Good news for internet users that they can now integrate Firefox and Facebook Messenger easily and enjoy both at a time. The new Firefox brower v17 has an ability to integrate Firefox with Facebook messenger freely and it has a new social API web facility that brings social network services into your browser. With this new wonderful application you can view your Facebook messenger, Friends online list and many other features in every website u visit on Firefox after integration. It means the Facebook messenger app is running at the right down of the page and you will enjoy both browsing and Facebook charms at a time.


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You can also chat with your friends and relative via  Firefox and Facebook Messenger while browsing and it will not disconnect or interrupt your conversation. You can enjoy smooth browsing and Facebook atmosphere comfortably.  Not only facebook you can enjoy other social guru like Twitter, Digg , Reddit, Tumblr, Myspace and LinkedIn.

How to Integrate Firefox and Facebook Messenger

In case of Facebook your messenger sidebar, statics updates updates online has been shown up directly on browser.

  • First Login to Facebook by using Firefox Latest Browser Version 17. Click Here to Download
  • Then Go to 
  • Another page will open that discribe the features and benefit of this app
  • Click on Turn On.
  • Instantly you see a Facebook messenger box on the top right side of your Firefox browser and friends online below.
  • Also there saw four buttons at your navigation bar that give you information about your Profile link, Friends Request, Facebook Message System and last is latest Notifications.
Not only facebook you can enjoy other social guru like Twitter, Digg , Myspace and LinkedIn.

So its time to Integrate Firefox and Facebook Messenger and other social networks and enjoy social browsing environment.


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