Infrared headset that will monitor brain activity

By on February 2, 2015

Infrared headsetEvan Peck and his colleagues at Tufts University in Medford are busy developing headsets that will help monitor a person’s brain activity with Infrared headset, his concentration and will filter information as per the needs of the individual. The Infrared headset will send infrared radiation through a person’s forehead which will be able to measure the amount of stress and concentration that the person has at a particular time. Moreover, Infrared headset will help eliminate any excess information while a person works on a specific task.

Infrared headset – Mind controller

As I write this article, I have around ten extra tabs open on Google Chrome. Friends are messaging, tweets are pouring in, and every now and then Skype reminds me that somebody wants to speak to me. Furthermore, a project needs to be done and there is just too much information that needs to be scanned and filtered in order to get the best possible results. Furthermore, family members keep ensuring that I do not concentrate on something for 15 minutes at a stretch.

With a hectic time as this, I can’t help but wish for something that could monitor my brain activity. Many people reading this are sure to relate to this as it is a very common problem in the modern world of multi tasking. For such people, there is good news. Something of the sort is actually being developed! Astonished? Read on…

Testing of Infrared headset

As proof, Peck has conducted an experiment on Infrared headset on 14 participants who were told to grade a set of movies. The results varied as they rated movies negatively and positively. The more positive the ratings were, the greater was the activity level that the device reported. This shows that when an individual will do something willingly with high concentration, the device will report accordingly.

If such a device is actually created, it may be one of the biggest breakthroughs in technology. The best we can do right now is wait with our fingers crossed!

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