HTC One smartphone Reviews and Specifications

By on June 2, 2015

Once again, HTC has proved the fact that it truly is quietly brilliant. HTC’s latest android Smartphone, HTC One is yet another amazing invention of this company. This article covers complete phone specifications of this wonderful new device that HTC has created along with our personal review of the device. Read on to find out more!

HTC launched this Smartphone in New York a week before the Mobile World Congress, most probably to ensure that the phone manages to get some attention prior to the conference. The cell phone’s complete body is made of Aluminium. The phone also has a 4.7 inch multi touch screen and also has an ‘ultrapixel’ camera.

HTC One complete Review and Specification

The phone uses the latest android Jelly Bean software and has features that will leave you amazed. In order for the phone to be suitable for performing various tasks at the same time, HTC has included a new software; Blinkfeed which, as suggested by the name, connects you to the news feed on the forums specified to you in the blink of an eye! The software combines all the apps that you specify and keeps alerting you as soon as you get a new notification on any of these apps.

HTC one with exclusive Camera features

Another feature that the phone has is HTC Zoe, a new way of taking photos. What this feature does is that it makes mini videos instead of taking a still photo. It is then up to the user to choose the best photo out of the collection of images from the mini videos.

The  phone also has a camera which the company claims is an ultrapixel camera. This will hopefully be a plus point for the Smartphone. Lately, HTC has been losing its market share to companies like Apple and Samsung. Hopefully, this phone will enable HTC to regain its position in the Smartphone market.

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