HTC Butterfly – Full Phone Specification

By on August 22, 2014

HTC is truly a ‘quietly brilliant’ company and it has proved this statement very accurate after the release of its first ever 5 inch phone, the HTC Butterfly. This phone, which is now available in markets, comes with a great variety of specs that will surely be mind blowing for you. The company has managed to do all of this without creating too much of a fuss about the product.

This further shows that HTC Butterfly is highly confident about the superior quality of this product that it expects customers to be drawn to this product like moths to a flame. For more information regarding this amazing product from HTC , read on!

What inside in HTC Butterfly

Firstly, HTC Butterfly has 5 inch phone of the company with a 1080p full HD display making the experience sensational for its users. it is equipped with the latest android 4.1 (jelly bean) operating system thus giving it state of the art abilities. Moreover, it has powerful front and rear cameras that can make any user fall in love with the device. Its 8 mp rear camera and 2.1 mp front camera ensure excellent picture quality.

Moreover its camera has built in auto focus along with a built in flash thus allowing users to take pictures anywhere and everywhere.. The phone’s 16 GB internal space means that storing data will not be an issue for its users ever again.

HTC Butterfly – The Android Geek

Moving on to other details, HTC Butterfly has the Adreno 320 graphics processor and its core processor is a quad core processor with a speed of 1.5 GHz. Its 2 GB ram ensures that the phone will not slow down irrespective of the apps that it may be running.

HTC has definitely proved once again that the company truly has flair for innovation and that it can create masterpieces in the world of smartphones. HTC loyal customers often reveal that they would never feel comfortable switching from HTC. So all the HTC fans out there have something new to try once again!

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