How to use Google Voice with wifi

By on April 5, 2016

In the current Smartphone frenzy that the world is facing, it seems like the basic purpose of cellular phones seems to have been lost somewhere; being able to make and receive calls. Nowadays, its more about the amazing specs that the phone possesses,; the camera, the operating system, the games, the apps etc. the list is practically endless. However, the basic purpose of phones is to be able to make calls.

For a person like me, it is essential that the phone I have can provide me with facilities that allow calls to be made in circumstances where others might not be able to make calls. Since I am not too much of a Smartphone fanatic, I prefer Smartphones that can make good quality calls. People like me also keep looking for better ways to make calls than to just rely on the service provider. Therefore, today I will be discussing two wonderful apps that allow WiFi calling with Google Voice.

Many people have multiple numbers in the present world. Google Voice allows you to use one single number for all the numbers that you have. In short, you can give out one number and all the numbers that you have associated to that number will be accessible. However, the service is not yet available for WiFi connections and this is exactly where these apps come in handy.

Talkatone app with Google Voice

Google voiceThis is one wonderful app that allows you to use all the features of Google Voice over a WiFi connection. The first step is to (obviously) install the app in your Smartphone. After you have done that, you will be prompted to sign in once you open the app. However, if you have a two step Google verification then you will have to log in from a web browser and set a password for Talkatone which you will only be required to enter once. The rest of the app is pretty simple to operate and once you start using it, you are bound to get a good grasp over it.

Phone for Google Voice and Gtalk:

The name of the app is pretty self explanatory; it offers a service for your Google Voice and GTalk on your phone. Download the app on your android phone and open it. You will be asked to log in using your account details. The logging in procedure for this app is simpler to the previous one and you can start making calls immediately.

Google makes sure that its customers are satisfied and for this purpose, it keeps releasing such handy apps. For more, keep visiting the website!

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