How to Protect yourselves against sneaky viruses

By on January 20, 2014

There are some people in the world who know about the latest trends in the technological world, who research on the latest upcoming products, their specs and their prices and specially about hacking and viruses and some people who know everything that Apple has announced or Samsung plans to reveal.

Yet, these people fail to protect their own computer from being attacked by vicious viruses right when the computer was needed the most.You see, there are some people like me! Despite the fact that a computer may be equipped with a good antivirus, some sneaky viruses actually make their way through and eat up the insides of a computer. The most important thing about technologies is to know how to protect them. Therefore, this article is a basic reminder of a few things you should take time out to check in your busy lives.

Antivirus – Its not a Big deal !

How to Protect yourselves against sneaky virusesWhen we install an antivirus, we believe that we don’t need to worry about anything, anymore. However, some types of viruses can be extremely sneaky and can make their way into the system despite the antivirus. Others can actually make the antivirus sleep while they do their dirty little tricks. Therefore, it is essential that you scan your system every now and then. Moreover, keep a constant check on your antivirus to ensure that it has its guard up against viruses.

Simple sources of Viruses

Secondly, if you use a USB on a public computer (this is particularly for university students), make sure you scan your USB before opening it. Furthermore, do NOT double click on the USB icon. Instead, right click on the icon and then go for the ‘explore’ option. This way, any viruses in the USB will not be able to enter your system.

Using non authorized Proxy servers

Finally, don’t use proxies in order to access blocked sites. Certain students try to access social networking websites that are blocked within the institution while others try to access the popular Youtube. Using this method puts your system at a great risk.

Since this article has actually come from experience, these tips are a hundred percent valid and helpful. Try them out for yourselves!

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