How to Play Angry Birds with Facebook Friends

By on January 25, 2017

Angry Bird Friends on FacebookNow you can Play Angry Bird with your Facebook friends with your Android mobile and WiFi. Angry Bird Friends is a Free game and you can play to earn Bird flinger and Pig Popper. When accomplished every level you can earn more daily rewards like bronze, silver and gold trophies.  You can also play weekly tournament with your Facebook friends and your tournaments plan automatically updated and you can continue your game without losing previous progress.

Features of Angry Bird Friends :

  • The game can sync automatically with Facebook connect.
  • You can challenge your friends on Facebook for Gold, silver and bronze trophies.
  • You can invite you Facebook friend to join the weekly tournaments and send them a pack of gifts.
  •  Accomplished a tutorials and get daily Birds coins.
  • Get new levels every week and earn four power ups.

For Playing Angry Birds friends you first need a Internet connection like data plan and WiFi and Facebook Android app. Before connection online player with your friends first login to your Facebook account with the official app.

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