Hacking attempts on Apple, Facebook and Microsoft

By on December 25, 2014

Recently, major software and hardware companies like Apple, Facebook and Microsoft have been suffering from hacking attempts by several ‘sophisticated’ hackers and the trends are so familiar that it seems that the incidence of these attacks on these companies is not a mere co incidence but may actually be part of a larger plan.

The virtual world, no matter how advanced it may get, remains prone to attacks as it holds treasures which are of great value to a great number of people all over the world. Just like any other industry, there are people who want to get inside this industry illegally in order to attain some benefits.

Hacking attempts on social networks like Facebook


Hackers invade Apple, Facebook and MicrosoftThe information stored virtually, if leaked, can have devastating effects on the people who lose their information. While advancements in technology ensure that the safety of the information stored online is made better by these technologies, it is actually also made more vulnerable as these same technologies help fuel the ‘dark side’ of the industry.

These attacks started with the renowned social networking website Facebook. The company reported that malware was downloaded onto its employees’ laptops and the company took immediate action by informing authorities, getting rid of all the malware in the machines and by starting an investigation.

Technology used in hacking attempts on Apple Inc

The second technology giant that got affected by these attacks was none other than the Apple Inc. which reported similar problems regarding a malware being found in its workers’ computer systems. The company states that it dealt with the problem and there was no loss of information of any sort and that it plans on equipping future Apple devices with an application that will protect these devices from similar hacking softwares.

Finally, Microsoft was also attacked in a similar manner and the company reported the exact same problem of some of their systems getting infected by a malware.

The trends that these attacks have followed seem very peculiar indeed. It’s almost as if we silently wait for the next attack to take place, hoping it doesn’t.

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