Google Chromebook with touch screen latest Updates

By on November 26, 2012

The rumors has begins that Google Chromebook will be launched at the end of this year. The latest news is Google Chromebook with touch screen will be released in market by Google manufacturer and this time Taiwanese newspaper, DigiTimes and other news sources has confirmed that 12.85 inched Google Chromebook with Google OS. As google OS has also an ability with a touch screen keyboard so it is also an easy option to linked an touch screen with it.

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Google Chromebook with touch screen latest UpdatesNo doubt Google Chromebook is always been a favorable item because it is affordable and extra ordinary features and now addition of touch screen probably make it more unique in market. In October and November 2012, the company already launched two Chromebook  with Samsung and acer and let see third one is from which manufacturer. 2012 is ending soon and this year smartphones, Android and notebook markets was groom with the best graph ever in the history. People like notebook because of its small size comfortably used and latest features.

We also want to see a bright future of touch screen Google Chromebook with Microsoft and Google manufacturers  !

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