Funny and Free iPhone Apps to Make You LOL

By on October 8, 2017

When you’re stuck in the slow line at the DMV or your dentist appointment is delayed and those old waiting room magazines just won’t do, why settle? These days, amusement is always close at hand — in fact, it’s as close as your smartphone. New technology now brings us smartphone apps for just about every style of humor. Here are seven of the most fun, funny and, best of all, free iPhone apps that can make those long, boring waits a lot more fun:

1. iFunFace

If you enjoy JibJab, the online personalized animated greeting card service, then you’ll love iFunFace. Creating a hilarious custom video has never been so easy and so fun. With iFunFace, you create funny videos of yourself and your friends using a photo image and a recording of their voice. Easy face-cropping and unique speech analysis technology brings your video subjects to life in hilarious ways. Now you can direct, create and star in your very own animated videos.

2., arguably the “#1 Humor Site on Earth,” (OK, so that’s their words) now offer an app that shares not only funny videos, but “the very best in awesome” (their words again). The download funny pictures app connects users with more than just funny pictures. You get laugh-out-loud funny videos including viral videos of the craziest stunts, the most hilarious pranks, epic fails, original comedy, cute girls and photo galleries loaded with funny, strange, fun, bizarre and downright amazing pictures. There’s even a movie channel with full-length movies.

3. MemeCrunch

The MemeCrunch app works by providing a fast and user-friendly way to capture, create and share new memes as they happen. If you notice a meme-worthy event or situation, launch MemeCrunch and create a quick meme pic about it. Share your meme with friends and see what sort of comments they post about it.

4, 5 & 6. Fun and Funny Photo Apps: LOL Pics, Reddit Pics HD and iFunny

If you’re looking to download funny pictures, portals like LOL Pics, Reddit Pics HD and iFunny will hook you up. LOL Pics allows you to view funny pictures, quotes, autocorrects-gone-wrong and compelling Tumblr pics. Reddit Pics HD is a photo viewing spin-off app of the forum Reddit. iFunny will show you random funny pics and ask for your opinion via vote on each pic.

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7. Instant Buttons

Instant Buttons is a hilarious and fun prank app that produces a wide variety of funny sounds on demand. Don’t have the words to express your feelings? No problem — just tap a button and let a sound convey your mood. Instant Buttons offers a collection of 240 original sounds, from meme-worthy clips to dialogue from your favorite TV shows to classic video game sounds (“Pac-Man,” “Skyrim,” “Age Of Empires,” “League Of Legends,” etc). You can even suggest new sounds to the makers of the app for future releases. (Warning: Some sounds do contain expletives, so if small children have access to your phone, buyer beware).

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