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By on November 9, 2015

With the rapid development in the world of technology, the internet is becoming better and faster day by day. With that, several new browsers are emerging while old ones struggle to maintain their standard. Firefox, a major browser, gained a lot of popularity among the masses, however, it has lost that level of popularity and quite a chunk of its market share.

The company, however, has expanded itself horizontally and has recently released an operating system for the very first time which will be available in several Smartphones all over the globe. Here are the specs of this operating system and the dates associated with its release worldwide.

Firefox Based on – New Exciting Features

Firefox OSThe operating system will not be endorsed by any famous brands of Smartphones just as yet. However, it will be available in a few countries including Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Hungary and Columbia during this year. It will not be available in the United States and the United Kingdom till 2014 though.

It has already been used in Alcatel’s One Touch Fire Smartphone. Another company, Geeks phone  has used this operating system in its Smartphone, Keon. The web browser is custom made for the operating system and it even has a bright orange back cover which represents Firefox’s color scheme.

The operating system seems to have taken inspiration from both iOS as well as Android. However, not much can actually be said about is since it hasn’t been launched globally yet.

Firefox wants to Cover Smartphones

At the moment, Firefox seems to be desperately trying to somehow get this operating system into the market for which it is collaborating with unfamiliar Smartphone companies in order to give Firefox some cheap Smartphones to conduct its development experiments on.

Firefox seems to be following Google’s footsteps in the world of operating systems as it continues to follow the path used by Google when Android was first released.

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