Factors involved in HTC One’s Launch Delayed

By on August 16, 2016

It seems like the demand for newer, better, faster and trendier Smartphones will never end. It is almost as if the human race can never be satisfied by the existing models of Smartphones available and will constantly demand more.

This is the basic reason why the Smartphone industry has seen such a boom lately and why huge companies have eventually become Smartphone selling giants that dominate the world economy.

HTC one – A clash in Smartphone Arena

Talking of Smartphones, we cannot leave aside one major player in the game; HTC. The company that claims to be ‘quietly brilliant’ might have this ‘brilliant’ reputation at stake at the moment, sources reveal. With giants such as Samsung and Apple releasing their ever so popular devices lately, it seems as if other companies are being dominated by these two companies.

HTC one launched DelayedHowever, HTC was confident enough to announce the release of its latest Smart phone, HTC One. The company, however, probably became a bit too confident as the latest news reveals that the launch of this Smart Phone has been delayed- definitely not a good impact on the company’s image in the Smartphone industry.

Factors involved delayed in HTC One

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the company’s chief marketing officer revealed that the shipments for the new product were being delayed due to a component shortage. Ouch! Looks like the company wasn’t exactly prepared for the launch as such! The component unavailable was a part of the phone’s camera which has been designed particularly for this Smartphone and so, is rather difficult to get hold of.

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Further investigation into the matter has revealed that the company has been struggling to get components from its suppliers on time because it has changed order forecasts drastically. Moreover, the company has failed to get enough camera components as the company is no longer a tier one customer for the suppliers. Things look rather gloomy for this company which was once a dominant force in the Smartphone market.

HTC always preroir the Quality stuff

HTC is known for its quality products; HTC One has already managed to get some very good reviews, however, the launch of this phone is being shadowed by the much anticipated Samsung S4.

Samsung has marketed the phone in a much more efficient manner than HTC and the market is clearly more inclined towards responding to the release of Samsung S4 rather than HTC One. Moreover, this little incident will further create issues for the company. In order to find out what happens after the launch, keep visiting this website!

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