Facebook News Feed and Plans on Changing

By on January 20, 2016

Facebook News Feed has come a long way from what it initially was. From a site that was designed by a university student to becoming the world’s largest social networking website, Facebook surely has managed to capture a very large audience and now caters to the needs of various different kinds of people. Facebook has also turned its cofounder, Mark Zuckerberg,  into a very young Millionaire.

As the website continues to grow day by day, it keeps getting higher revenues. However, the site is free for all and, as promised by the admin, will always remain free. So where does Facebook make money from? That is exactly what I will talk about today.

Latest Updates on Facebook News Feed

Facebook News Feed The main source of income for Facebook is through the various advertisements that it manages to get from both large companies as well as small companies. Global as well as local set ups use Facebook news feed as a very effective means of advertisement. It helps them reach out to a huge number of audience and the way through which Facebook uses its users’ information helps it to direct adverts to potential customers keeping in view their preferences.

This adds to the utility that companies can derive from the website. As long as Facebook keeps these companies happy, Facebook will also remain happy with all the revenue flowing in.

Whats come inside in Facebook news feed

The main source of revenue for Facebook is thus its very popular Facebook News Feed page. This is where everyone likes all the pages and adverts that they see. And this is exactly why Facebook constantly focuses on making its News Feed better. Sources have revealed that Facebook is not quite happy with its existing News Feed page and plans on changing the appearance of the page.

Research has revealed that Facebook is losing its popularity with time. A survey revealed that 61% of facebook users stayed away from the site for about a week or so at a stretch. In times like this, companies have also started complaining about falling ‘likes’ and comments.

Problem with Facebook news feed

To counter all these problems, Facebook is reported to have started working on a better News Feed page which will include more visual designs as well as options for users as to what kind of news they are interested in.

Personally, I feel that at times Facebook introduces features that nobody wants. At times, it simply tries too hard to attract people-and fails. However, lets keep our fingers crossed for this time.

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