Brief introduction of Transparent Smartphones

By on April 21, 2014

With all the hustle and bustle going on with all the popular Transparent Smartphones brands such as apple, Samsung and HTC, a Taiwanese company silently continues working on a development which, if completed as per plan, will probably be one of the biggest developments in modern technology.

Whenever we watch movies about the future or extremely sci-fi movies, we see the most unimaginable technology. The piece of technology that we will be discussing today is going to be a lot less dramatic than flying cars, however, it is something that feels something one would expect to see in a movie. Eager to know what we are talking about? Continue reading and soon you will find out.

Next Step : Transparent Smartphones

What if we told you that a Taiwanese company plans on introducing a Transparent Smartphones which is completely transparent with just a few non transparent components. It seems hard to believe but this is an actual development that is taking place right now. The company plans on releasing this product  by the end of 2013!

Transparent SmartphonesThese transparent smartphones will be made up of conductive organic light emitting diodes which will use liquid crystal display to display text, icons and images. When the phone will be switched off, these molecules will form a cloudy suspension. However, when the phone is switched on, these molecules will align themselves in order to display images, text and icons.

What is inside with Transparent Smartphones


This phone will have a double sided multi-touch screen. However, not all the components will be transparent. The memory card, sim card slot and the camera will be visible behind the transparent body. However, these will be hidden behind another glass covering on the phone.

The company hasn’t yet decided which operating system the phone will use or which software will help the phone run. However, the company feels pretty confident that the phone will be released by the end of 2013.

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