Best Google Chrome apps for Web Browser

By on December 10, 2012

Best Google Chrome apps for Web BrowserGoogle chrome apps  is one of the best use Google app from all over the world. If you say Google chrome is only the mainly used browser then you are right. It is ranked as a top most used application from internet because of its fastest speed, very responsive environment and excellent extension and can solve you problems.

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Google Chrome launched in December 2008 and it successfully makes its market in a few month and now you can see this decorate internet application in every desktop computer and laptops. You can get the latest google chrome apps updates from chrome stores and some time it will auto update. It supports external application i-e different extensions that makes your problem solved in quick times and safe your time to search your queries on internet. There are thousand of extensions i-e google chrome app and you can download and install your browser very easily but here we tell you about the best three chrome extension that are highly recommended.

Best 3 Google Chrome apps 

1. Gmail Offline Service :

As you all recognized the word Gmail as it is the best, excellent and free email service providing guru application on internet. This service is used by mostly internet users that need fast and secure email services and you are also it user at some extent ;). Gmail Offline is an extension of Google chrome and you can download this extension and install in your browser free. This extension provides you an access to your Gmail account without an internet connection. You can check you inbox, sent items, folders in your Gmail accounts and download important data from your account.

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2. AdBlocker :

As you know there are lots of online advertiser companies are introduced daily and some of which are really scams. Most of the time when you open a web page you see there are lots of flash and video adds, pop ups, layer adds and adult adds. Adults adds are a very common issue you some time you don’t know there is an adult add on webpage you browser and it suddenly appears and it is really difficult situation for you to closed the adds before your mom or dad come near to you ;). Google Chrome extension solved your problem and adBlocker is the service that cancel all the flash adds, pop up adds and adulthood adds and give you a safe and clear environment to browse on websites.

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3. Skitch

While brwosing on different searchings or viewing articles, sometimes you want to take the screen shoot of this specific web page or proof or payment or some contact details. Skitch solve your problem know. While using skitch you are now able to take any screen shot of any web page on internet and safe it on your desired folder. It is free easy and one of the popular Google Chrome application.

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