Best Five Benefits of Li-Fi Technology

By on January 7, 2018

The field of technology is something that never stops growing; it is a continuously progressive field that simply does not become stagnant. When it comes to connectivity, the world of science and technology has progressed greatly. With all the advancements in communication technology, getting in touch with someone who may be miles away from us is no longer an issue at all.

However, the more we use these technologies, it seems like they keep getting slower. While the wifi technology has helped individuals greatly, at times, issues regarding congestion come up as a result of which, people have been looking forward to new innovations in the communication field and exactly such an innovation is on its way.

LiFi technology is a new technology that transmits signals as light instead of radio waves. In urban areas where wifi networks become congested and there is a lot of noise in the signals, this technology is something that can be of immense use to an individual.

The basic requirement of this technology is the availability of light!

Functionality of Li-fi Technology


How Li-Fi Technology Works

Light is also an electromagnetic wave like radio waves. The only difference is that the former has the ability to transmit data almost ten thousand times faster than the latter! The basic process is quite simple to understand. An LED light bulb, anyone at all, can be flicked on and off in order to be able to generate signals.

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The question is, why would anyone want to go through the annoying experience of sitting under a flickering light bulb? This is the interesting part. The technology is focusing on making sure that the light bulb is flickered up to billions of times a second! At that rate, the human eye simply cannot notice the light bulb being flicked on and off.

At the same time, the speed generated by this can be up to ten thousand times greater than your average WiFi!

Disadvantages of Li-Fi Technology

However, everything comes with a disadvantage. The major disadvantage here is the fact that these signals cannot penetrate walls. So if you want to move from one room to another, you will need to have a wired bulb present in that room as well!

Overall, however, this does sound like quite a development in the field of communication technology.

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