Best Android Phones Beginners guides and Useful Tips

By on November 26, 2012

Welcome in Android phone guide and tips for newbie Android phone users to give them most authentic and general knowledge about how to use your lovely smartphones with rich of Android features. Android is now the top quality OS version used in top smartphones manufactures like HTC, Samsung and LG. Latest Android phones are Samsung Galaxy s3 by Samsung manufactures and from HTC it is HTC Droid DNA. Last week Android launched its latest OS Jelly Bean 4.2 with some latest features and high performance fast speed operation system.

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Google Android Phones has offering exciting applications including Games, Programs, Live TV, daily usage application, mastering resources and news updates and you can get all these awesome apps in your smartphone via Google Play Store. Some of the apps are paid but 90% of excited and quality apps are free and you can just install and use in your Android smartphones.

Customize Home Screen in Android Phones 

Best Android Phones Beginners TipsThe first thing comes in mind of Android smartphones users is how to customize their mobile with quality and great looking home screen. Lets we comes with an example, imagine the image at your left your smartphone home screen. You want to customize the black background into color full wall paper or you want to add or remove widgets like weather, task bar or add more icons like gallery or call log. Just put your thumb on the screen for 3 seconds and then you will see more options like add folder, add widgets, add icons or change wall paper. Just make changes as you want :). Its is easily customize and enjoy your new home screen look.


Customize Text/SMS settings in Android Phones 

For teenagers and youngers Text and SMS is one of best time passing application 😉 no doubt … Android Phones have lots of exciting features to setting up your SMS/Text. Once you open Message icon you directly goto inbox. Unread messages always show up with Bold text and read message with normal text. As i am also one of Android user, I used GoSMS Android application to customize my message.

Click here and Download GoSMS app free.

In GoSMS you can manage your messages in folders, block incoming message and use schedule message feature. This is one of the most used and also useful Android application.

Add keyboards in Android Phones : 

This question is mostly asked by Android user that how we change the keyboard style. Some like qwerty keyboard or some like other typing styles. You can find alot of Keyboard apps in Play store but in my experience with Android i prefer Swift 3 Keyboard.

Click here to Download Smift 3 Keyboard app Free

In swift key 3 keyboard you have a choice to select qwerty type or notepad type styling. Also it comes with more than 10 beautiful themes, select theme where your fingertips works fine :). For changing Keyboard style first download the app from Play store and then go to Settings > Local and Text > and then select Swift key 3.

Customize your Android phones and Enjoy !


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