Best 5 Android Antivirus for smartphones

By on June 17, 2017

The number of android devices that are bought and activated each day has crossed 1.5 million devices, according to the CEO of Google. This shows the tremendous increase in the android device industry. However, this also creates a tremendous increase in another industry; malwares and viruses in android devices.

The common misconception is that normally only our computers and laptops can fall prey to viruses and worms. However, our Android devices are equally prone to getting affected by malwares and viruses. Since these malwares are designed specifically to target android devices, they can be hard to detect and fix. Today I will discuss the top five android antivirus for smartphones.


TrustGo android device antivirus and security app

TrustGo Android AntivirusThis is the perfect app that one can use in their smartphones in order to avoid getting affected by viruses or malware. It also provides additional security to the smartphone by including features such as find my phone.

Further more, if someone enters your phones password wrong three times, the app takes a picture of the thief with your phone’s front camera and emails it to you. This app makes sure that it detects and removes any apps that may be harmful for your device.

NQ mobile security Android app

This app detects all spyware, malware, Trojans and phone hacking apps and software. It is ideal for tablets as well as smartphones. The safe browsing feature present in this app allows virus free downloading and web surfing. It also allows call blocking services to be activated.

Avast antivirus for smartphones

Computer users are aware of this very commonly used Avast antivirus. The same is available for smartphones. Not only does this app allow you to block apps that can harm your device but it also allows you to wipe off all your data from your phone from a remote location if it gets stolen.

Lookout security and antivirus

This app performs all the basics of antivirus functions and is very simple and easy to use. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store and is extremely user friendly which is probably the best thing about this antivirus app.

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Norton security for Android

Once again, computer users are aware of this name. it is a very useful app that protects your phone against viruses, theft and loss. The five apps mentioned above are perfect for any smartphone that uses android operating systems.

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