BBM for Android and iPhone just launched

By on December 22, 2017

There was a time when the Blackberry was the market leader in high quality cellular devices and when owning a blackberry was a status symbol; something that made an individual stand apart from the crowd. Well, things haven’t been going that well for Blackberry lately with all the smartphone companies that have entered the market and have drastically reduced the share of Blackberry. However, the most unique characteristic of Blackberry; the Blackberry Messenger more commonly known as the BBM is something that doesn’t seem to have lost its charm.

This fact is evident since a few hours after the launch of the Blackberry Messenger application for Android and Apple devices, people have been put on a wait list in order for their BBM pins to be generated. Wait, you do know that BBM is now available on android phones and the iPhone, right? The app has become a mega hit just hours after its launch! While I wait for my BBM Pin to be activated, let me share some details of the app with you.


BBM hits 10 millions downloads in 1 day



BBM for iPhone


Now those who registered for the app a while before its launch (some people actually did it a whole month earlier) managed to get their BBM Pins immediately after the launch of the app. However, those of us who registered after the launch have to be put on a wait list since the response has been tremendous and the Blackberry team has to cater to the requests of lots of users!

BBM in Android and iOS world


BBM will provide all the advantages to its android and iPhone users. The BBM pin will allow them to protect their privacy while the app will allow for files and pictures to be shared over the messenger. BBM is always connected and there is no need to open the app in order to be able to use it. The BBM app is optimized for iOS 7 for iPhone users and android users with the Jellybean operating system can also download the app.


BBM for Android and iPhone iOs


The official Blackberry site has manuals available for both iPhone and android users which makes the already easy to use app even easier for its users. The excitement is contagious and I for one cannot wait for my BBM Pin to be generated!

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