muneeb mehmood

muneeb mehmood


50 Best AnimeBytes Alternatives In 2022

With anime fever at an all-time high, it can be hard to find the right anime platform. Even more so when you don't want to stream but rather download the free indie content. We can't keep track of...


50 Best AnimeTosho Alternatives to watch free anime In 2022

The first thing you'll probably hear when you ask most people how they download free independent media is probably BitTorrent. There are other platforms outside those two, notwithstanding their popularity. One torrent tracker website, in particular, is disregarded...


125 Best SportMargin Alternatives In 2022

Today, football leagues like the EPL and NFL have broadcasting deals that cost billions of dollars per season. But that's not the case with sites that report on sports. Sites that report on sports don't have to charge...

Now TV

50 Best Now TV Alternatives In 2022

Every major streaming service is envious of Sky's exceptional content portfolio. If, as a viewer, you wish to access Sky's whole collection of programming but cannot afford its satellite service, NOW TV is the streaming option you require....

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