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By on February 25, 2015

Depression, anxiety and stress are a part of almost everybody’s lives nowadays. Clinical psychologist helps you in such levels of problems, people often go professionals for help regarding them. Most individuals are told to monitor their mood at several occasions throughout the day, however, the hectic routine prevents people from remembering to do so.

In such circumstances, wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could monitor an individual’s mood without the individual having to take too much time out from his busy schedule via clinical psychologist? For most individuals, this would be the ideal solution to most of their problems. This article brings to you a solution you may not have heard of before. Eager to know? Continue reading and you will find out soon!

Pioneer of clinical psychologist

clinical psychologistFounders of speech recognition firm, clinical psychologist Matt Dobson and Duncan Barclay have once again developed speech recognition in a manner that this technology benefits humans with medicinal purposes.  The clinical psychologist app that they have designed is an app that can detect your mood when you speak into it. For people who have to monitor their mood several times a day.the app then automatically emails the findings to the person’s psychologist in order for the person’s activity to be monitored by a professional.

Benefit of clinical psychologist apps

In order to work, the clinical psychologist app always needs to be kept on. For people who are concerned about the privacy issues, this app does not record anything that the user says. It simply notes the person’s mood at that particular time. The app works continuously and makes note of the person’s changing mood every second.

This app is actually a very practical clinical psychologist app that can help thousands of people around the globe who are willing to fight off stress and depression. The major reason why these issues cannot be countered is because of the fact that the person simply cannot monitor his mood at all times. This app thus solves the problem. A must try for everyone who is looking for something of the sort!

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