Apple Resolves App Store Security Problem

By on December 10, 2015

Apple app store was being subjected to some heavy hacking and attacking in the past few months.Security issues always keep coming up in the world of technology. While this world of technology promises its users enhanced privacy, at time, certain glitches cause individuals to lose some extremely valuable information to hackers who attack some very sensitive systems.

A problem of this sort appeared with Apple and the company has solved the problem. However, it took the company half a year to actually solve the problem and this is what makes users wonder about the magnitude of the problem as Apple is known for solving issues in small time periods.

App Store Security Problem Under Attack

This was a result of some very complicated procedures that certain expert attackers developed. While we will be telling you in detail about these procedures, we will also reveal how Apple combated these attackers. However, we will be unable to reveal why the process took so long because of the fact that Apple’s representatives have not been very eager to answer questions relate to the delay of this solution. Clearly Apple is being pressurized by the media.

App Store Security ProblemThe glitch started when people realized that when they connected to the app store, their devices started downloading random apps that they didn’t even want. Not only this, some of these apps were very costly.

One such app actually cost the users $999.99. all this downloading was done without the user’s consent. To make things worse, Apple did not offer any compensation for any of this to its users which further angered these users.

Security Problem identified by Apple Researchers

The issue was identified and reported to Apple by a security researcher Elie Bursztein who found this glitch in July.  This malfunction allowed hackers to steal passwords or make people purchase expensive apps without their consent.

The only requirement was that the user should be using the same internet as the attacker i.e. at a cafe, an airport or a public WiFi hot spot  This granted the hacker access to the user’s passwords and other details and started serving as a good way of getting someone’s credit card information.

The major problem was with the fact that Apple didn’t realize the importance of HTTP encrypted connections. The company took all these months to realize this and finally came up with the end to this huge problem. Apple thanked security researcher Elie Bursztein, Bernhard Brehm and Rahul Lyer for their contributions to the solution of this problem.

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