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By on February 15, 2013

Good News for Apple fans

For all the Apple fans reading this article out there, we have some extremely good news! Once again Apple has managed to leave us awestruck by its incredible announcement regarding its Macbook pro! For all those of you who think that the existing versions of the Macbook are perfect, Apple has actually brought you something much better.

The new Apple Macbook Pro is now coming with retina display which means that the Apple Macbook pro is now the highest resolution notebook to ever be manufactured. Yes, that is correct. Apple is not only concentrating on the display of this super amazing notebook.

Apple Macbook Pro Specifications

The new 13 inch Macbook pro is now coming in variations of 128 GB of flash and 256 GB of flash with a 2.6GHz processor making it faster and better than anything that you have ever experienced before! The 15 inch Macbook pro has an amazing 2.4 GHz quad core processor along with 16GB of memory space so that you get a better,

apple macbook pro

faster and clearer experience. The top of the line 15 inch Macbook pro leaves us all amazed as it comes with an amazing 2.7 GHz quad core processor along with 16 GB of space! That is simply an irresistible option for all the Macbook fans out there.

Apple Macbook Price

Amazed? There is still more to come. Apple understands that its products are often extremely costly and not within the range of everyone. In order to deal with that, Apple has actually lowered the prices of its Macbooks! Yes, the 13 inch Macbook Gadgets starts with the amazing price of $1499 for the 128 GB flash model and $1699 for the 256 GB flash model.

Moreover, Apple has decided to lower the price of the 13 inch Macbook Air to $1399. All this and so much more has now been available at Apple stores for almost two days. So what are you Macbook fans waiting for? The awesome world of Apple awaits!

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